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in the Hague Benoordenhout 

Are you looking for a world class dental practice in The Hague? We are open to care for you.

Are you a patient at our practice and would you like to make an appointment? Please call us at 070 762 09 20 or send us an email at contact@dehaagsetandarts.nl

If you are no client yet, you can register here first.

Covid measures

You can come to us safely for your oral care treatment. Also during this period with Covid. To this end, we have taken extra measures in the field of infection prevention and disinfection. Following the new performance code of the NZa, we charge a surcharge of € 4.26 per patient for the extra measures we take in connection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  Of course, this surcharge will be reimbursed by your healthcare insurer if you are supplementary insured. You can find more information about this on the FAQ page.


In case of an emergency

Are you a patient at our practice and do you have pain or an emergency? Call us at 070 762 09 20

Outside opening hours? Then call the Dentist’s Emergency Service The Hague at 070 311 03 05.


You can register directly online here. If you leave your details, we will contact you directly for an appointment. Don’t want to wait for this? Call us on 070 – 762 09 20.


Dental treatments & services

  • Dental checkup
  • Hygiene, cleaning and dental hygienist
  • Child friendly treatments
  • Fillings, crowns, bridges
  • Cosmetic treatments like veneers and teeth whitening
  • Advanced dentistry for patients with anxiety
Maaike Schutjes - gespecialiseerde angsttandarts in Den Haag - Maaike Schuthes
Maaike Schutjes - gespecialiseerde angsttandarts in Den Haag - Maaike Schuthes

Opening times

  • Monday: 08.00-16.30 hrs
  • Tuesday: 08.00-14.30 hrs
  • Wednesday: 08.00-16.30 hrs
  • Thursday: 13:30- 20.30 hrs
  • Friday 08.00:-12.30 hrs

At the Hague Dentist you always get your own trusted dentist with clear and transparant explanation during a professional treatment.

We know how important a familiar face is to you when you sit in the chair. That’s why you have your own regular and trusted dentist, who will do everything to make the treatment as easy as possible for you.

During the treatment we will explain exactly what we are going to do. Would you like to look in a mirror? That is always possible. Maybe it would be better to relax then. Would you rather not know what is happening? Then we just don’t say anything. You decide what’s most comfortable for you.

We use smart tools that increase your comfort. For example, we put a rubber cloth over the tooth or molar we treat. In this way, no water or grit gets into the back of your mouth, so you can easily swallow or move your tongue.

The best rated dental practice in The Hague

Over the years, we have treated thousands of patients. Since 2017, our patients have been able to give their opinion on the independent website patientsvertellen.nl.

More than 400 patients took the effort. And rated us with an 9.0 average. We are proud to be the most and best-rated dental practice in The Hague.

Maaike Schutjes - gespecialiseerde angsttandarts in Den Haag - Maaike Schuthes
Maaike Schutjes - gespecialiseerde angsttandarts in Den Haag - Maaike Schuthes

Treatments with a lot of personal attention in a pleasant atmosphere

Our treatment rooms are furnished as ‘homely’ as possible. Natural quiet colors. You even can experience those while viewing the colorful plants in our garden.