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Dental wear

Over time, physiological wear is visible in everyone’s teeth. But sometimes wear progresses faster than normal and teeth become shorter and shorter. Besides having an aesthetic impact, rapid and worse wear also affects the function of the teeth. 

Cause of dental wear

Your teeth can wear down from two causes: friction, as in teeth grinding and chewing on objects (attrition or abrasion) or wear down because acid attacks the tooth tissue (erosion).

Treatment dental wear 

With limited tissue loss, your dentist will help prevent further wear. He/she will provide information on all causative factors and individual risk for the future, advice on preventing tooth erosion and poor brushing habits. The already lost tissue can be replenished with restorative material and a protective plate can be made. Your dentist will then monitor any progression of wear over time. With advanced wear, restoration of the worn teeth is more prominent. The choice of treatment is determined by the nature, amount and progression of wear and the impact on your teeth.

Tooth restoration by restorative treatment can be performed with tooth-coloured restorative material applied directly in the mouth. There is also the possibility of indirect restoration of tissue loss in collaboration with a dental technician. Teeth and molars can then be prepared outside the mouth at leisure and then fixed in the mouth. In case of tooth wear due to friction, a protective plate is made after restorative treatment, which usually only needs to be worn at night.

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