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Healthy gums?

Periodontitis is another name for advanced gum disease. Periodontitis is caused by plaque bacteria getting trapped between the teeth and gums. If this plaque stays there for too long, the bacteria will invade and inflame the gums.

If the plaque is so deep that you cannot reach it yourself, it is called a ‘pocket’. The dental hygienist can measure this for you. At this stage, there is no serious gum inflammation. The oral hygienists or prevention assistants at The Hague Dentist can remove this plaque for you.

Don’t delay such a visit. Bacteria will have the opportunity to penetrate even further inside. Eventually, the jawbone will then be affected and there will be periodontitis. The jawbone then retracts. This is an undesirable situation, as the jawbone does not grow back.

With periodontitis, you do not necessarily experience pain (except when the teeth become very loose). Characteristics of periodontitis are redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums. You may also experience a foul taste in the mouth or bad breath.

There are several risk factors that can increase the risk of periodontitis. These include smoking, diabetes and stress. But even people without these factors, have a chance of developing periodontitis.

At De Haagse Tandarts, a general score of the gums is taken during a dental check-up or visits to the dental hygienist, so that the state of the gums can be seen.

Behandelkamer bij de Haagse Tandarts. Tandartspraktijk in Den Haag – Benoordenhout.

Behandelplan en status voor Parodontitis

The treatment method of periodontitis is first to make a proper status. This will show the exact locations of the pockets and whether and which teeth, for example, are loose. After this, the dental hygienist will discuss the situation and the treatment plan with you.

If you agree, the dental hygienist will clean the pockets. After this, it is very important that you continue to visit the dental hygienist regularly and follow the instructions for e.g. cleaning between the teeth. With this, periodontitis is easily treatable.

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