Dental care for you

At The Hague Dentist, we offer comfortable treatment with personal attention: dental care for adults, children and anxious patients.

Dental care for adults – healthy and beautiful teeth

At our practice, we do all the regular dental treatments, such as dental check-ups, teeth cleaning and fillings. But our dentists will also assist you with crowns, implants, root canal treatment and tooth extraction to enable healthy teeth…and we can also make your teeth more beautiful with  aesthetic treatments such as whitening your teeth, placing white fillings, or putting veneers on your front teeth. Furthermore we are specialized in invisible braces of Invisalign. So if a radiant and healthy smile is relevant to you, we are looking forward welcoming you.

Dental care for children – When do kids visit the dentist in The Hague?

Learn children about dental care from an early age is a good thing to do. So take your child to The Hague Dentist from the age of 2. This is often around the time the first tooth comes through. Your child can then get used to visiting your dentist in The Hague. Of course, you can also do this when you come for a periodic check-up yourself. Getting used to it is of course done through play. Our dentists have a lot of experience and affinity with treating children. And above all: they love it.

Dental Care for anxious patients

You would rather not feel rushed. Logical. That’s why we make sure your visit to your dentist in The Hague goes very calmly. We have studied the dental anxiety questionnaire you sent us beforehand, so we come prepared and can take your situation into account.  Once you sit down with us, we take the time to go through those wishes in reducing anxiety and having healthy teeth. This creates the best starting point for a treatment that you don’t have to worry about.