Voor kinderen

Healthy and flawless teeth for your child? Come with your child to the dentist in The Hague.

Children to the dentist in Den Haag

It is important to teach children early on how to take care of their teeth and keep them healthy. You should therefore take your child with you as soon as the first tooth come through. Your child can get used to visiting the dentist. Of course, we do this in a playful manner.

Our dentists have a lot of experience and affinity with treating children. And above all: they find it super fun.


Met uw kind naar de tandarts in Den Haag

From baby teeth to permanent teeth

When your child becomes older, it is important to come for check-ups at least twice a year. When the baby teeth change, the permanent tooth causes the roots of the baby tooth to dissolve. The baby tooth falls out and is replaced by a permanent molar. The enamel is then not yet hardened and fragile. Even then, good dental care at an early age is important.


Accident of sport injury?

Suppose your child has fallen and the front tooth has broken off or is out. What should you do then? Always call us immediately, and together we will discuss whether your child should come straight away. It is important to distinguish between an accident with a baby tooth and a permanent tooth.

If a baby tooth has fallen out completely, iyou should not try to put it back. If a piece has broken off, the dentist can smooth the sharp tooth/rim. Your child will then not accidentally damage her cheek or tongue.


If a permanent tooth has fallen out, it may be possible to put it back. It is important that you start doing this right after the accident and do not wait to put it back until you are at the dentist. What can you do?

– First of all, grasp the tooth by the crown (not by the root!)
– Place the tooth, right side forward, back in its original position in the cavity.
– Does this work? Then have your child hold the teeth together with a cotton ball between them
– Does this not work? Keep the tooth in a cup of milk, a little saliva or under your tongue (not in a glass of water) and take it with you to the dentist’s office.

Kids are free

A visit to the dentist for Dutch kids is covered by the basic insurance for children and young people up to 17 years old and does not need to be a financial barrier.  Braces, on the other hand, are again not covered by the basic insurance. Keep this in mind.

Yes, my kids wants healthy teeth 🙂

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