Dental Care for anxious patients

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist in The Hague? Our fear dentist will guide you.

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist?

As many as 40 per cent of all Dutch people are afraid of the dentist to varying degrees. So you are definitely not alone. With our help, you can overcome or reduce your fear. And regain a healthy set of teeth.

The first accredited anxiety dentist in The Hague 

Dental anxiety fascinated our own accredited fear dentist in The Hague, Maaike Schutjes. She spent three years studying it. Learned how to deal with patients with fear. Even when it is extreme. Maaike thus became the first trained, qualified anxiety dentist in The Hague. Since then, she has helped many people get rid of their fear of the dentist. Every time with great satisfaction.

In the Quality Register for Dentists you will find dentists with a specialisation in anxiety counselling: KRT.

Within our practice, all dentists have extensive experience and affinity with treating fearful patients. They will patiently and calmly guide you through the treatment.

We will put you at ease

We make every effort to put you at ease. To do so, we use various scientific techniques. And breathing techniques, for example.

We slowly build up the treatment itself. If we have to drill, for example, we first let you get used to the sound. And we check whether you are doing well. If necessary, we repeat this. Until you are ready for the next step.

We do nothing without you being ready

When you come for treatment, we take our time. Does it get too much for you? Then we just stop. We don’t do anything without you being ready. Just like during the introductory meeting, we make sure you feel good about your visit. So that you have the courage to continue.

It starts with an introductory intake

Do you have anxiety and are considering registering with us? In doing so, please indicate that you have anxiety (you can indicate this in the form). We will then send you a questionnaire so that we can give you the best possible care and prepare for your visit. As soon as you return the completed questionnaire to us, we will call you for an intake.

During the intake, you will be given plenty of time to talk about your anxiety. And we listen. We don’t think anything is ‘crazy’. And if you agree, we take a quiet look at your teeth with a mirror. We also take a few X-rays and if you want to go further, we make a treatment plan with you. No treatment takes place during the intake.

The intake costs around € 194.17 and € 231.41. This depends partly on the number of X-rays we need to make. If you wish, check with your supplementary health insurance whether these are reimbursed.

We will then send you a non-binding estimate for further treatment. This will tell you what is needed to make or keep your teeth healthy again.

Why we are not an anaesthetic dentist

An alternative to anxiety counselling is treatment under general anaesthesia. You are out of this world while the dentist does his work. This sounds very appealing; after all, you won’t notice anything at all.

But you won’t get rid of your fear this way. Instead of confronting the fear, you miss your chance to tackle the problem. And cope with your fear in the future.


Yes, I would like to have healthy teeth.

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