Do you want healthy teeth and a beautiful smile?

We like to help with beautiful and straight teeth. With ultra-thin transparent braces, we can correct and straighten your teeth. An invisible brace from Invisalign in The Hague. With this, you wear braces that no one notices or sees. Nice and straight. Read more about Invisalign The Hague below.

Invisalign in Den Haag

Getting your teeth corrected with transparent braces Invisalign that no one sees

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, sometimes the overall picture might still not be to your liking. For example, because your teeth are not quite straight. You would like to do something about this, but you are reluctant to have to wear fixed braces (again).

Fortunately, you can now have your teeth corrected with transparent Invisalign braces that no one sees.

Orthodontics with invisible braces from Invisalign

The innovative braces from Invisalign are called aligners. It is virtually invisible, which is quite a difference from the familiar metal block braces you know from the orthodontist. Still, an aligner quickly and surely steers your teeth into the right place.

An aligner from Invisalign has no sharp edges that you can hurt yourself on. You can take it right out of your mouth. That’s nice and easy when you want to get something to eat. Crispy baguettes or a fresh apple are no problem at all when you have transparent braces.

For some time, The Hague Dentist has offered orthodontics with invisible braces (e.g. from Airsmile), but now The Hague Dentist is also a provider of the most advanced invisible bracket and aligner system in the world: Invisalign. This has been achieving fantastic results – unobtrusively – for more than 20 years. More than 10 million people have successfully corrected their teeth with transparent braces from Invisalign. Straight teeth with Invisalign invisible braces are now also possible in The Hague at The Hague Dentist.

Transparent braces Invisalign: easy, invisible and effective

The first step towards beautiful, straight teeth is a consultation with one of our dentists. They will take a 3D photo of your area using an innovative and special intra-oral scanner from Invisalign. So it is NO longer necessary to ‘bite’ into plaster for orthodontics.

Using the 3D image, you discuss your wishes and options with the dentist. Then the dentist will show you in a beautiful animation exactly how much more beautiful your face will be after correcting your teeth with a transparent brace.

Naturally, we will draw up a clear treatment plan for you. If you agree, the transparent Invisalign braces will be custom-made exactly for you. Invisalign’s top technology also produces corrective follow-up sets.

During treatment with the invisible braces

About a week after you start wearing the first set, the dentist will give you new aligners with a slightly different position. So there will be no painful screw tightening: you will simply receive new aligners at regular intervals that will correct your teeth a little further each time. Until they are exactly in the desired position. This final result is usually achieved much faster than with metal braces. You can easily track your progress via the MyInvisalign app. 


After treatment with the transparent braces

You can smile fully because your teeth are beautifully straight. Your teeth will also wear less now. And teeth that are aligned are also easier to clean. All benefits you can easily achieve with transparent braces from Invisalign..



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